Sunday, April 27, 2003

DEX JOURNAL ENTRY 29 December 2002

Just wanted to share this. Take the mind away from avian flu.

"Year's ending, finally... I'd wanted to stay home prior to the events of yesterday, but I'm glad I was able to help my dad, his aunt, my uncle and [my aunt] make this 'Batangas Christmas Bash' a success. Thank you Jesus for [the journal], the party and the kids.

"Off tangent-- My heart went out to that autistic kid [at the party], a boy, with wide-open eyes, a readiness to smile and an inability to articulate in a completely comprehensible manner, exactly WHAT was going on in his mind.

"It pisses me off when people call kids like him "special" and patently attempt to hide the snickers and the scorn that come with the imagery of autistic children. I've been guilty of that more than once myself.

"Why call them [special] at all when you can more accurately call them ...autistic? Okay, he lives in his own world that's barely tethered to this one. But that's not [special or] ennobling at all-- artists are like that, and you don't see people calling them special.

"Hypocrisy everywhere I turn. No wonder Jesus blew his stack [at the marketplace]. If I were in his place, I'd blow my own stack more times than all the prophets did combined.

"Suffice it to say I feel for the boy. I gave him a wad of paper, with [some money] slipped between the pages, hoping that the kid would [one day] pick up a pen and express himself through art or writing. He promptly passed the thing to his mother. [She] probably thinks that the gift is nowhere near what her kiddie needs to get better. [And she's right. I just hope that, unlike most cynical, mercenarial mothers, she focuses on the thought behind the gift.]"

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