Wednesday, April 30, 2003


The Tagalog word for "saw" --the thing you cut wood and human corpse limbs with-- is strangely apt, when used to describe the travelling art teacher's situation. An image comes to mind, a saw, wearing its own teeth out, moving back and forth across really stubborn wood or human bone. It's an old and thinning hacksaw moving with the precise "one-two one-two" rhythm of a metronome and none of its vaunted efficiency-- much of the energy that's supposed to go to cutting probably winds up as heat-- the precursor of entropy --the physicist's nightmare.

I feel very much like that saw right now, moving as is my wont from Quezon City to Pasay to Cavite and then Manila, to repeat the cycle for the rest of the merry month of May. All in the name of teaching Art to adorable little tykes from 10am to 12pm. Gawd, I almost want to go back to school. I'm very glad that I'm having such a rapport with the kiddies. The ones from Cavite are quick studies. It also helps that they can laugh at my cornball jokes.

The gentle reader can now add a new point in space and a corresponding point in time (x,y) for my metaphorical saw to wear its teeth out on-- the Kids at Play headquarters at the corner of Taft Avenue and Padre Faura... Adult art classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 6pm to 8pm.

Well, it's a job and it sounds lucrative. And I can get away with saying, "Look dearest, I'm a very busy man. I have classes to prepare for." Sadly, it's the preparing part that takes up-- along with travel, food and medicine-- a huge chunk of time and what will be my pay.

Something to think about the next time I take a similar job. Experience teaches the teacher.

Biyaheng Langit

In between trips to various "points of Luzon" (now I feel like a chartered jeepney) I have accepted the tutelage of one Vincent X (not his real name) on the efficacy of glazing with a dry brush and limiting my palette to a set number of warm and "old" colors. I look forward to making full use of that knowledge in my next painted works.


Watching X2 with the girlfriend tonight. Happy-happy-joy-joy! Obviously, I have not seen a movie in a long while...

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