Friday, April 25, 2003

Piolo in Chains

Yes, a lot of you women probably have that fantasy, but I am not refering to Piolo Pascual, who starred with Donita Rose in the off-season Christmas-themed hit movie "9 Mornings." The Piolo in this story is my dog.

First thing my family did after realizing the ineffectiveness of "slipper training" (spare the sandal and you spoil the puppy) was to put Piolo on a leash. Upshot: at least he ain't leaving uh... "leavings" anywhere and everywhere. Plus, the risk of getting bitten is radically smaller, as you have to really be stupid or damn unlucky to still get bitten -- i.e. to venture within Piolo's reach (the length of the leash-cord).

Downside: Piolo can make these godawful pity-me-I-want-to-play whining and whimpering noises and maintain them the same way a baby can yell its head off regardless of the damage to its throat and ears. And I read somewhere that chaining doggies makes them restive... and that's not good for when some hapless youngster climbs over the gate to retrieve the ball or kite that inexplicably landed in the foyer...

I Must Really Be Stupid

Godawful pity-me noises often rouse me to action- I am either pulled this way and that by my heartstrings, or I am moved by simple annoyance. Visions of lawsuits and hospital bills swimming in my mind, I took those cries for companionship to heart and...

I'll give you three guesses as to what I did. Yeah. Right the first time. Lemme give you a gold star.

"Here, Piolo, let me loosen the knot so I can take you for a walk-- ARRRGHHH!"

Piolo on Top

I am sure, that in some former life, that dog was someone I irritated to death.

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