Friday, May 30, 2003

Communion's over, and the Mass-going faithful --those who've had confession, anyway-- have had their fill of weekly-dispensed corpus Christi. There is a lull as the congregation removes itself, in trickles, to the pews: multicolored human rivulets, awaiting the celebrant's final blessing. The Lector slowly walks up to the mike, and speaks one word with a rich, deep, thick, nasal female voice:


Well, at least the woman lector at the Santo Domingo Church says it that way. It's creepy and unsettling, but does anybody really mind? They're all in a mood to go home and enjoy (or not) the company of their loved ones.

And so, in my thickest, creepiest, most irritating nasal voice...


My good pal Ian is now 28 years old. Two more years and he'll be counting his age backwards, or otherwise employing other self-delusions of would-be thirtysomething geriatrics: "I'm not pushing thrity! I'm twenteen!"

Happy birthday, Ian. Enjoy your gift from Nelz and bask in the best wishes of the people who support you (even if reluctantly in the case of some). I know you look great in blond hair, but I really think you shoulda used another picture for your blog. Ah well.

The world does revolve around you, pal... when it ain't revolving around me.


Cavite class. Satus: over and done with, paid.
Manila day class. Status: over and done with, paid.
SM Southmall class. Status: over and done with, paid.
Manila night class. Satus: paid, but there's a last class on Monday. Comments: Aaaarggh.

More Words for the Week

Mass n., [Middle English masse, from Old English m�sse, from Vulgar Latin *messa, from Late Latin missa, from Latin, feminine past participle of mittere, to send away, dismiss.]
1. The public celebration of the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church and some Protestant churches.

Mass may also mean
1. Matter, or matter as expressed in grams (kilo-, micro-, etc.)
2. (Loosely) Inertia. Resitsance to being moved. (More matter, more inertia)
3. A set of objects you can't quite accurately quantify (A mass of people, a tumorous mass)

4. A book by celebrated Filipino author, F. Sionil Jose. Part of his Rosales Series, I believe. You can check out the books at the local National Bookstore, or make an order from Anvil Publications.

Critical Mass

1. Happens when you bring enough nuclear-grade matter close enough together so as to cause them to fuse, releasing a tremndous amount of energy. A terrorist's dream come true.
2. Happens when you cram enough matter to allow the total combined gravity of the individual units making up the mass to overcome all the forces that keep those units discrete. All that matter gets squished into a tiny point, called a singularity.

Note to self: I think this is an Antipolo-bound jeepney driver's dream come true. They figure if they cram enough people into a jeepney, they'll have enough mass to create a miniature singularity, proving once and for all that black holes do exist, and that Filipinos can make them with sheer ingenuity and devilish persistence. After all, (insert scientist's name here) was probably a Filipino. If those crazy drivers can do so, they figure they can win the Nobel Prize for Physics and use the money they get from it to alleviate poverty.

Critical Masa

The thinking (as opposed to mindless) masses (proletariat, in Communist parlance). An activist's dream come true.


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