Thursday, June 12, 2003

Can you say that in a low, rich, thick, nasal female voice? I have some items to add to the blog before I publish the second part of Kuwentong Barbero. Think of it as public service: if you can't stand me talking about hair, and you'd rather I bore you to death with another topic, then you've got your well-deserved breather.

O Glorias Day!
To those of us who still think Philippine Independence is still worth celebrating, a happy ho ho ho to you. I feel sad at the way we've flushed the legacies of Rizal, Bonifacio, Mabini, the Lunas, et. al., down the toilet. Sayang*. There's no money in the national treasury (guess who siphoned it away), the wheels of justice still grind ever so sloooooow, the humanities are still a sad joke and the really talented people are emigrating in droves. But I'm not about to roll over. There's so much potential in this country, and I still believe we can turn things around.

Too bad there isn't an actual, physical war with the requisite physical bad guys to wrestle to the ground, as I'm sure that would galvanize and unite everyone here --keep 'em from leaving. As things stand the things we fight can't be grasped with fingers despite their size and corpulence: The Past, The System, The Garbage Problem, The Great Satan, The Real Satan, The Great Miguided Christian-Islamic Extremist Axis, PacMan.

Pahinga Muna, Papa**
My pc may be suffering from a viral infestation. I am currently trying to flush the little buggers out before they can cause more damage and cost me much in lost time and unwanted grief. See you in a few days.



"Too bad" or "Ain't that a shame."

Literally, "Take a Breather, Dad." Or in the local swardspeak, "Let's take a breather, Lover."

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