Thursday, June 19, 2003

Go Tell It on the Mountain

I would like to publicly make it known that --and it is an item of faith for me-- the Almighty had a hand in my being the only applicant in my testing batch to pass the pre-employment examinations at the Philippine Amusements and Gaming Corporation. I took their exam at 13:30 on 19 June in the 2000rd year of our Lord at the New PAGCOR main office on 1330 Roxas Boulevard. As there are no positions open at PAGCOR (except for maybe "Table Supervisor") I will be considered for "something" in the future, should "something" open up. I may not have come away with a job, but I have come away with a better estimation of myself.

Irony aside, all credit for this beneficience of Divine Providence is herewith laid at God's door. Thank you Jesus, Good Shepherd. You answer prayers even of sheep who travel at the edges of your flock. You really do have a plan for me that I won't object to too much, unfolding at its own pace, at your bidding. Your wayward servant presents you with his most heartfelt thanks, his most unworthy doubts, his deepest fears, his wariness, and his praise.

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