Friday, June 27, 2003


As I write I'm in Los Ba?os, Laguna, at the home of a friend named Kervin, reconnecting with my old friend. I shoulda been here two days ago, but my own inertia coupled with the demands of living in two households kept me from arriving on time. I wanted time away to paint, to think, to let the girlfriend plan her study schedule without private displays of affection to distract her. I'm also here to keep an eye on my balikbayan cousin Ami, who'll be staying at the SEARCA dorm for a bit-- she'll be learning Filipino and participating in life in a nearby undisclosed (at least to me) community.

Am going to grapple tomorrow with painting ala prima-- slathering all the colors on the canvass in one go, wet-on-wet, as opposed to the traditional method: apply a layer of paint, then wait for ages until the bloody thing dries, then repeat until you are done or lose your sanity.

Will also dispense advice to a friend regarding the depiction of naked women engaged in acts best relegated to the bedroom. He wants to be what he calls a hentai-lord. Well, artistic growth is artistic growth--even if it's in the area of geekboy porn.

Am planning to post new stuff soon. Thanks for bearing with my thoughts.

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