Friday, July 25, 2003

Another Longtime Reader Writes...

"...Do you have issues with Christianity?"

You are Proverbs
You are Proverbs.

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Hmmm. Gentle Reader must have noticed all that embedded Christian imagery in my previous posts. In a word, Gentle Reader, the answer is "Yes."

It's a love-hate, You're-making-me-damned-confused, leave-me-the-hell-alone-no-wait-save-me thing. I think it stems from my being a Roman Catholic --who strongly identifies with Buddhists and Sufis-- living with Folk Catholic, Pre-Vatican II Catholic, and Non-Denominational Christian Fundamentalist relatives. I think this uneasy coexistence is more common in the archipelago these days, what with the seemingly increased missionary activities of all sorts of religious groups.

I promise I'll go into this at greater length sometime soon. There's just so much to say, and very little space or time (I'm in an Internet place).

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