Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Buddha Moment

"It's not if you win or lose; it's how you play the game."
--Lousy stinking palliative losers say to themselves because they didn't win.

This is truth: It is ridiculously easy to be a loser, as all you have to do is lose. One loses because of a lack of nerve. Another loses through a lack of initiative. Some lose because they did not persevere. Others lose simply because the odds against them are just stacked too high. There are limits to indomitable fighting spirit, no matter what you see on any episode of Dragonball-- Son Goku can roll it 'til his fingers fall off, but trust me, he'll never get a 7 on that 6-sided die.

If you lose at anything, anything at all, that automatically makes you a loser. The beautiful thing about life is that you can choose not to stay a loser. Life grants you that chance once for every moment you can take a breath-- though there are limits to that too.

Parable of the Loser

A man played strip poker once, against friends who played a much better game than him. He knew by the time he'd lost his shirt, that he couldn't beat them. They watched him squirm, hovered around him with predatory anticipation, like sharks wearing down prey for the final kill. He couldn't beat them at this game, so he played another. Everytime he lost a round, he pulled off a piece of clothing with such gusto that his friends were appalled. By the time he handed them his pants, a large piece of board between them and his nakedness, they stopped the game in disgust. "How can we win if you want so much to lose?" one of them cried.

If you want to win, pick yourself up out of the rut of your last loss. If you must lose, pick your losses carefully. After all, it's not if you win or lose the obvious game; it's how you play the hidden game everyone else is playing.

Life is Just as Weird as the Stuff You Find in My Blog

More proof that if you take upon yourself a view of the universe, the Universe-- or your penchant for attributing human purpose, volition and creativity to the thing-events around you --will validate your view.

"IT SEEMS a man's life is cheaper than what it costs to bury him.
"A Manila regional trial court has ordered a couple to pay P62,900 to cover the burial expenses--casket, wake and funeral parlor fees--of a man they had killed.
"For the victim's life the court ordered the couple to pay P50,000." [emphasis mine]

(Taken from It Costs More to Bury Man by Tarra Quismundo, appearing in the 29 July 2003 issue of The Philippine Daily Inquirer --"for purposes of discussion and review" so you evil lawsuit junkies can't touch me. Ha!)

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