Thursday, July 31, 2003

The Nelz Agustin Dilemma

This was bound to happen; I'd seen it when I first considered blogging to wile away the time and hone the ole writing skill. Excercise the making of sense. Of course, Nelz had run into it first.

Simply put: how does one write-- cathartic, untrammeled, immediate-- about what shakes him to the core of his being, when he knows he may have to censor his thoughts for the benefit of the people who will inevitably read them? Cases in point, the blogs of one Nelson Agustin and now, one Dexter Lira.

How much of myself can I safely bare here?

After all, a blog is public domain-- though how "public" public will get depends on a combination of prudence (your own and that of your friends), focused advertising, luck. What bloggers want to happen--at least this has been true for me-- is to broadcast the contents of their blogs to select people, such as friends, admirers, desirable mates and their ilk. What bloggers do not want to do, is provide ammunition for the other inevitable readers, such as detractors, nosy mates, nosy parents, employers, lawyers. The damaging data is always there to find, for the enterprising busybody, if he applies enough patience and marries his search engine.

Big Brother Is Watching

Just a thought. Wouldn't be surprised if this is actually happening.

The Evil Marketing Man can get a hold of a large list of blogs, rustle up a team to comb through each and every one of them. In a month, he'll have all the information he needs to push our buttons --sexual preference, age groups, product usage, other demographics-- and get himself another house in which to knock up the boss's buxom daughter.

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