Thursday, August 07, 2003

Bodega on-Line Update

Today I am securing for myself a (free, sadly) web address. Been meaning to do this since 1995, but something always pushed the project into the back-burner: the advent of frames, and HTML 4+, the advent of Java, the advent of Flash, ASP and PSP. Each new advancement cut the legs out from under my website project, which was always based on the last newly-obsolete web-building tool/language. My knowledge of each of these had to come in annoying snippets, as I scrambled to learn the nuances of each new web thang.

You can imagine my pain.

Taking the advice of one kickass cartoon cook named Fei, I shall return to the basics-- that is, the clunky HTML everyone is laughing at now. (Funny, it seems to work well for Nate Piekos...) I'll worry about learning Flash (there are many people willing to teach me; our schedules just won't allow it yet) after I put up my Home Bodega.

See you soon.

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