Thursday, August 07, 2003


I woke up this morniong feeling cranky, having been shaken out of a dream which involved me(?) battling demons in the night and falling from a considerable height: six, maybe ten storeys. I was to leave the house for Eastwood City, to meet with friends and deal with work and other impending concerns. I decided against leaving in haste. I feel I should let you know now, if you don't know already (I got most of this from the Inquirer)--

$683M can't be touched till victims paid

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Finally. Swiss authorities have approved the return to the Philippine Government of the wealth Ferdie and Meldy stashed away in Switzerland's previously impenetrable banks. I thought I'd never live to see this day dawn. Money's not in our lawful hands yet-- having already been put in the "escrow account of the PNB" and invested in other banks overseas with the "AA Ratings from Standard and Poor's" that none of our banks have (AA's meaning Murphy's Law doesn't apply to the investment). The big bucks won't be moved until the local law compensating Marcos's victims of human rights violations is passed.

Do we celebrate? Yes. Cautiously.

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