Sunday, August 24, 2003

Habitual Vegetation

To go by old blog entries, Ian and I may have the same problem. We find it so much easier to hibernate at home.

Spent the better part of two whole days in Pasay City just sleeping, cooking, eating and watching the boob tube.

I promised a friend I'd see her band perform, but like my Muse promising to attend a Powerpoets reading, I was able only to attend my friend's affair "in spirit." I am kicking myself for it-- opportunity cost/lost. I had gotten as far as getting dressed to leave. I didn't, and I am sorry, Bonsai.

Good things I did Despite the Wasted Time

  • dealt with week-old laundry

  • dealt with fungus colony in our trashbin

  • cleaned up-- the place looks slightly more liveable now

  • watched my favorite tv shows

  • slept like the dead

I shouldn't be alone in Pasay. The condo unit is so conducive to slumber. I find it all too easy top vegetate there.

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