Sunday, August 24, 2003

Occasioned Epiphany

After spending a "whole summer" (meaning the months of June through August) in the Philippines, my cousin Ami has flown for home, specifically, the colder, less humid climes of Minnesota State. She has earned my most heartfelt congratulations for successfully completing a course (non-credit) in Philippine Studies. Having now a greater familiarity with her Filipino heritage, she can be as proud of it as I sometimes am on my best days.

I am also congratulating her for being open enough to experience a widening of her worldview. She "experienced God out of the box"-- meaning without scripture, pastor, community or even church building. Seeing God making Himself felt, sometimes subtly, sometimes overwhelmingly, through places and things not normally associated with Him, was a welcome experience (and may make the case for the Catholic claim regarding God as an omnipresent being-- she found God present on a bridge, in the wind, on a mountaintop, even in a strip bar). This gives me great hope for her, if she ever takes on the mantle of ministry full-time.

No doubt she is being prepared for what she loves and does best-- reaching out to people.

(I am wondering when was the last time God and I spoke that way.)

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