Monday, August 04, 2003

This Can't Be Right Either

Appealing to my geek-boy true self, I took another test. (Apologies to readers who aren't into roleplaying games!)

Your from clan Ventrue -
Old-fashioned and tradition-bound, the Ventrue are
sophisticated and genteel. They believe in good
taste above all else and work hard to make
their lives comfortable. They are most
frequently the leaders in the Camarilla, and
are cautious, honorable, social and elegant

What Vampire the Masquerade clan are you from?
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I so wanted to be Toreador.

A Word About the Ubiquitous RPG

Vampire the Masquerade, by the by, is a role playing game. It has little to do with actual vampires, physical (like the one your granddad says he grappled with so long ago) or psychic (like the power-tripping mid-level sub-boss at the office). Often such games involve geeks like me and my friends pretending we were vampires, wizards, swashbuckling swordsmen, while mouthing corny dialogue, chucking dice and scribbling on sheets of paper. The exercise is akin to improvisational theater. The hammy-acting dialogue, the dice-chucking and sheet-scribbling provide a standardized means of interacting with the imaginary world we move about in. In sum, role playing games, like Vampire, are just another exercise in escapism. Like basketball, ogling girls or watching Meteor Garden.

Sidebar: Just because we geeks have codified role playing and enshrined it in our games, it doesn't mean that role playing games per se are the exclusive purview of the geek. Ask your kids. Ask your local dominatrix.

Why, you ask? Why do we geeks do indulge in such weirdness? Well many of can't play physical sports or chase girls the way you jocks can: you jocks never want us on your teams. You never want us for anything. Except when you need someone to do your homework for you.

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