Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Updates: The Eternal Job-hunt

I called up the people I will be working for over the next few months. Turns out I passed the exams I took last week. According to the female voice on the other end of the line, my training begins next month (apparently the nature of my job is that specialized). This is good. I have so many things to fix, and that means I'll have the rest of August for them.

PHILPOST hasn't called me regarding my place in its ranks. I'll give 'em another week, before I call them up.

Culture Crash is looking for an artist for One Day Isang Diwa, one of their widely-read titles. Natch, you gotta draw with the feel of Elmer Damaso (a.k.a. IQ40) and have some of his speed. I know: it's a tall order. But if you can hack it, then you're welcome to click on this link and get your chance to help reshape comics.

Note: Sure, the ad says you can use your own style, but I do recommend "enrolling" at the "Elmer Damaso School of Fine Arts" to score big points with the Boss (a.k.a. Jescie James L. Palabay).


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