Friday, September 05, 2003

Another Look at Meteor Garden

It's finally happened.

I can sit down in front of the telly with the Maid and the Sister, to catch a new installment of Meteor Garden, without wanting to throw a god-for-real red brick (from the Muse's house-cum-gallery) at the faces of the show's main protagonists, the eponymous no-band, F4. Reasons?
  • Cast member Vaness Wu and I no longer share hairstyles. That should finally stop the catcalls from the neighbors and local passersby

  • The show's second season, dubbed Meteor Rain, is no longer set in a school

F4 School Ain't So Cool

F4+1 ASOS's Barbie Xu (who shares a weird resemblance to my friend, Rez) is in the middle, lest you cannot tell male from female in the photo. I don't blame you.

The school was a necessary prop in the first season, mainly because the manga that the show was based on was really set in one. The school also provided a nearly hermetically sealed social environment for the characters, forcing their antics and emotional needs to take on unnatural urgency and gravity. Here were a bunch of twentyish-looking teenagers selling the drama-- sending death threats, picking fights, indulging in public displays of affection-- in a school seemingly without teachers, guards and other administrative personnel, who by all rights should be coming down hard on student malefactors. And that was mainly why I could not suspend my disbelief and stomach the show.

Now that F4, San Cai (aka Barbie Xu of singing duo ASOS) and their sattelites are out of the school, their interactions are more ...ah...relaxed(!), and bearable(!) to look at.

The Dexterian Constant

Somewhere a reader friend of mine is coughing "Bullsh!t" because he doesn't believe me.

Q. So what's the real reason why you've been caught watching the show?

A. Main protagonist Dao Ming Si's new albeit temporary love-interest, Ye Sha (Michelle Alicia Saram).

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