Friday, September 19, 2003

Bodega Quickbytes

Been ill on and off the past week. As I am working on the backdrops for a play, I cannot tell when, or if this will pass. Been wondering if it's the onset of Mad Piolo. As I am not frothing at the mouth yet, I'm hopeful. This is just another case of Systemic Viral Infection. Then again, rabies is a virus... and hypochondria is a sickness of the mind.

Speaking of Piolo, he's grown from a bitey puppy --the length of my forearm to fingertips-- to a veritable big economy size DOGGIE. His bark is, yes, as big as his bite. If he wanted to, he could lacerate my arm and come away from the experience with a few of my digits.

I wait with some concern for the time he reaches monstrous proportions. I gotta convince my mom (she's a cop) to purchase silver bullets for her '38.

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