Thursday, September 11, 2003


I'm at the SharonMall banging away on a computer at a rental place called Netopia. It took a long time for me to get here as Makati traffic is a b!tch especially on rainy nights. My journey from Manila would been faster if I did not have to fight the damn crowd at the Metro Rail Transit's Ayala station. Granted that any time between 17:00 and 21:30 is a guaranteed cramfest conflict, it would have made life easier for all involved if-- passengers didn't treat the coaches as if they were jeepneys. Had there been handholds on the train, I am sure some enterprising locals would be dangling from the coaches by now. And getting electrocuted, crushed, or falling from heights no pedestrian has business being in.

Welcome Back Mom

My mom has returned safely from the 'States, and will no doubt be ready to divulge tales of living life in a superior country. She wants to see me today, but I will not oblige her-- the girlfriend still harbors the heebie-jeebies from last week's break-in at the condo. She needs the house-hubby to be with her tonight.

You Know What Day it is Today?

That's right. Two planes crashed into what were the twin towers of New York's famed World Trade Center, two odd years ago today. I was home and all set to travel to the US to join my aborted poetry contest, when I saw the video footage; thought it was some sort of Hollywood promotional stunt. Wish I was right. More on this in another column.

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