Saturday, September 06, 2003


The girlfriend and I thought we'd spend a cozy night at one hotel along Roxas Boulevard. She, to work without distractions; I, to lounge around on a decent bed. We returned to the Pasay condo to pick up clothes and sundry bathroom items, only to find that our shared living space had been burgled. The lights were left on, the drawers and boxes were opened and left that way. Someone had attacked the doorknob-side of the door with a chisel, and only God knows how he bypassed the deadbolt. The thief had run off with Honey's busted camera.

We think someone on our floor did it, someone who knew-- from casing us or overhearing Honey discussing her sched with other residents-- that no one would be staying at the condo unit Friday night.

Right now, I am wracking my memory, asking myself if any of my previous behaviors brought this on. Leaving a window open allows people to see into the unit, but I had judged the risk worth the ventilation it provided. Ditto with leaving the main door open and locking the outer screen door when I am inside, cooking.

My darling is understandably very upset. She feels raped and I am left with feelings akin to what dogs must feel when they've been consigned to become their master's dinner. I am upset. What did I ever do to this jerk anyway?

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