Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Feel Good Channel

The things that people take for granted are the things that I most enjoy when I get the chance to do them.

driving - I won't get to do this much as it's been six years since the ole license expired. Still, almost nothing beats a fat wallet, a full tank and taking the car out to purposely get lost. in In today's traffic, though, I'd rather commute.

cutting your own nails and shaving -It speaks of lousy hygeine. But I don't get to do this as often as I'd like because I tend to get lost in most activities I find myself indulging-- or slaving away-- in. I swear, it gets so bad, this kind of immersion, that I cannot tell what day it is or even who I am sometimes.

bathing -I never had to worry about this twelve years ago. You woke up five minutes before the bell, washed your face, brushed your teeth and walked to class. You'd be home two (or six) hours later indulging in a hot shower. But that was UPLB circa 1991. The air was cleaner (that Makiling was also cooler than Metro Manila was also a bonus). Hell, everything was cleaner then.

These days you have to bathe so damn fast you can't enjoy it. By the time you get back you have to bathe again, and quickly too. Don't want to fall asleep and drown in the damn tub.

using a towel -I grew up in a household where resources were routinely and painfully shared. Squeamish person that I am, I prefered to have exclusive use of my towel after bathing. As I could not keep my eyes on the thing 24/7, I decided to forgo its use at my QC home. Simplifies things. You'll dry out sooner or later anyway...

walking -Yes. Just walking. In the morning. Not walking to get somewhere but just walking and taking everything in. True, I live in Tatalon (in the mid-nineties, it was the new Tondo) But morning sunlight makes everything look so fresh and new: the colors are especially vibrant.

going to work -When it challenges, when it's fair, (or even when it's there) the prospect of shaping your future with your own hands is an energizer.

relating with your dog -Sure, Piolo parses the Universe in "Bite" and "Can't Bite." But I know he loves me.

exercise ...is something you do not get when you spend whole days in front of the PC. Can't lose calories if you can't get off your ass bum.

prayer -I'm no prayerful man. Incidences of religiosity in my life tend to follow the movement of a badly-drawn sine wave-- up and down at different points on the spirituality-materialism graph. But there is nothing like an actively promoted, culturally accepted form of guided alterations of consciousness when you're doing it without a critical audience around to tell you what a hypocrite you are.

"Uma Thurman" -Sure, Dex. Keep trying to solve for i using real numbers.

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