Monday, October 20, 2003

The Ghosts of CCCom

A link to this site on Marco Dimaano's blog Stark Raving MAD has this alternate text pop up when the mouse hovers over it: "Evil Dex rants! Be afraid! Be very afraid!" Afraid of what, I wonder? I am a has-been in the relatively young field of modern Pinoy Comics, or worse, a never-was, and by choice. As an authority on comics my views are no longer relevant. Nevertheless, I'm thankful to Marco for his generous inclusion of my site as a place to visit.

And this brings me to my next point. In a previous entry titled "The Nelz Agustin Dilemma" and in other earlier entries, I talked about the pupose and relevance of blogging. Does the blogger write for himself or does he write to entertain or offend other people? How much of himself should he be baring? How far should he lean to satisfy his audience's --assuming he has an audience-- needs?

For the most part, the Big Bodega has been personal, a small Bodega. New readers will have to struggle to catch up with events revolving around Dex and his immediate experiences, and I am sure a lot of them, if they're looking to research Culture Crash and other comics, drawing & writing techniques, et. al., won't bother to do so-- they simply have neither the requisite time nor interest.

So: should I start pandering to the needs of these and other people with varied interests? (critics: "Dex, mapapel ka talaga!") Carver Carl does, in his inimitable, illuminating, gentle way. As does Marco.

Or mayhaps I should stay a has-been (critics: "Tama. Diyan ka na lang!") and leave the comic-book reviews, discussions and tips to my betters, letting the Big Bodega fill itself with Dex-related curios, aphorisms and other detritus?

Check back on me in a bit. Maybe I'll have an answer by then.

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