Wednesday, October 22, 2003

I Have A Weakness for-- (Blonds & Hybrids III)

Daniela Amavia.

Okayokayokay! She's not blond. But I'm sure this globe trotting actress has gotta have some blood in her that ain't just Greek. Not that it really matters. Ran into her as "Alia" in the teevee miniseries adaptation of Frank Herbert's Children of Dune. Pundits scream lousy acting, but I believe she played Alia well, especially in the scenes expounding on Alia's increasing love affair with power.

She's also appeared on Felicity and a few other television shows and movies I've never heard of (mainly 'cause I ain't from Europe). According to her official site, aptly placed at, she's auditioning for new roles as of presstime. Oh yeah, guys-- she also advises me (and everyone who runs into her site's main page) to "be yourself."

Note to self: must finally get my own webspace so I can post all the damn pics I want.

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