Thursday, October 30, 2003

Letter to Some of the Old Gang
(This post was edited 31 October 2003 at 12:30 pm)

Dear Karl, Ferlin, Duff, Doj, et. al.

My drawings look like sh!t. This is a consequence of not getting in enough practice. I haven't been drawing, really drawing, since I quit CCCom; I was hardly drawing even back then. You should know that, like you, I am going contractual and corporate. No, it's not a concession to the great gods of practicality. Please don't think of it that way. If you did, I'd never live it down. But as a friend of two-plus years told me, every artist has a day job. The girlfriend joins him in his chorus, assuring me that bothering poor busy Americans with offers of product catalogues of stuff they might not really need, is just a means to an end.

Hell, it may even be a nationalistic endeavor.

The new Filipino hero does not need to die for his country, or slave away as a domestic helper in a foreign land-- he can just hire himself out to a call center and get paid by foreigners (indirectly) in the safety of Inang Pilipinas. We can belatedly show the whole world what a world-class people we are. Ever ready to serve. Or in my case, ever ready to smother them with product catalogues. Hey, the global economy will not grow if products don't move, right? Er, right?

I mean, look at you-- you're heroes too! Bill Gates pays you guys through a chain comprised of companies subcontracted by subsidiaries of Microsoft. Never mind that Bill owns whatever your creativity cooks up while you're working for people who're working for Bill. Those are still DOLLARS pouring into the local economy!

Okay, enough of the wisecracking. I'm sorry guys. It really looks like I'm putting a bad spin on our collective work experience. Let it be on record that I am saying don't really object to our country's seeming place the mutating global service industry. As a people, we're filling a real need out there. And we should be proud, count ourselves lucky we even have jobs (or in my case, the prospect of employment).

I just wanted to get a rise out of you, on the off-chance you stumble onto my blog. Force you to write me, because I miss you buggers. It's been too long since we shared a goddamn beer, or even a good game of of D&D.

Write back or otherwise contact me when you can. Please?

Lotsa love,

Evil Dhex

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