Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Moving Day, Conclusion

"I'm right, you're wrong.
And from that simple fact
are derived all the rights I have
that you conversely don't."

In this mindset, Rightness ceases to be the lamp by which to guide your actions. It becomes a tool, a means to an end. The end is always power. Crush your enemies because you are "right." Grab these material benefits because they "naturally" belong to you or your marginalized ethnic group. You've been given that license by God-- you are "right," and God himself champions your "rightness."

The Buddhists have a neat phrase that best encapsulates the concept. to carry this mental baggage around is "to stink of righteousness." This is also partly what they mean when they say that even trying to attract "good" karma to yourself is ultimately self-defeating and delusional.

It's a mental malady and it turns otherwise right-thinking reasonable people into Osama Bin Laden and George Dubya. "We've been wronged and we're going to get even. Damn anything that stands in our way." Indeed.

Baguio by Way of Mindoro

I was writing about annoyed bill collectors, naggers and viragos previously. How the did I wind up tackling ethics?

Love Poems I

Whatever you do, do not send this poem fragment to your significant other, especially if she is a student of history. Can anyone tell me why?

...My soul cries in the nightmare of my long night
Yet there is darkness while you are away. . .
Please return the sun into my life.

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