Sunday, October 26, 2003

The Other Otaku Tourist

I seem to be making up for all the time I kept myself from travelling (months!) After a week in Baguio, I was back in Manila, snapping away at concertgoers with Honey's digicam, some eight-plus hours after i got off the bus.

Dateline Roxas Blvd., Manila
'Twas a rock concert of course, Rock & Register, set up by concerned groups to encourage the apathetic and politically powerless youth to register for the 2004 elections and vote for someone. I arrived with Honey to catch the tail end, around 22:00+. We missed Gary Granada's appearance and exhortations of pinkish patriotism: a shame.

Much to my chagrin, I wound up picking up some of the garbage the bands, staff hands and concertgoers generated that night: all in the name of going home to a warm bed. See, I figured, the faster the concert wrapped up, the sooner I could sleep. Alas, that was not to be.

Dateline Malate, Manila
Honey rustled up her sister, her concert-organizing NGO friends and yours truly, and half-dragged us to a Malate branch of Music 21, the official hangout of Carver Carl and Master Tobie. We burned up the rest of the post-midnight, pre-dawn morning, "wassailing and carousing" to songs we'd never be caught dead "wassailing and carousing" to in public.

Dateline Kawit, Cavite
06:15. Groggy and slightly drunk, smelling of smoke and last night's pasta and chips, I accompanied Honey to her condo, and tried to persuade her not to rendezvous with her officemates. They'd be bound for Cavite in less than twenty minutes! I managed to persuade her to stay and rest a bit. She could "go to Cavite's Island Cove resort later," I'd said, "I could accompany you. I know the way."

And this is where I am, right now, writing this blog on bits of paper-- hotel leaflets and flyers.

Contrary to public perception, I am not having fun. I'm sleep deprived, I've yet to bathe, and I'm killing time, waiting for Honey, while my wallet is leaking like it was a damn sieve. I've seen the Hotel (nice ambience) and the Cafeteria (great, if expensive, hotel food). I've been to the Fishing Village (not my thing, but great if you want the quiet), the gym and the bowling alley; the swimming pools and the mini-golf course. I am waiting on the off-chance that Honey decides she's too tired to continue schmoozing with her officemates; I might have to take her home.


Honey usually doesn't party-hearty like this. But she pled this excuse: she was promoted yesterday-- highest pay grade for her type of work.

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