Friday, October 24, 2003

Quick Bytes from Sammytown

Lunch with Sam
I did get to see Sammy in Sammytown (Baguio). We did lunch--Sammy, Honey and I-- at a small pizza place called Pizza Volante. Wonderful ambience considering it was once the lower lobby of a movie theater. We scarfed down a wonderful pesto pizza too-- wonderful, considering that the greens on the pizza looked like moss. But don't be fooled, gentles all: it was to die for.

Survey Says...
Honey and I left Baguio at 1:30 a.m. today. We spent the previous day finally distributing those heavy survey forms and waiting for our respondents to give them back. We gave 'em a cinderella deadline. Methinks a good chunk of them made good use of their time answering and giving back the forms. I read a few: serious youth with serious answers. Gives me hope for der Fatherland. Honey is generally satisfied, never mind that we did not hit the 200-respondent target: it was a good run for a pilot study.

I found out that you never really run out of cabs to get around in, in Baguio, especially if your point of origin is along Session Road. I found out that the taxi drivers always give you exact change. They're not as grumpy nor are they as dysfunctional as their Manila counterparts.

Get your hungry belly to Sizzling Plate the first chance you get. That is, if you're neither Hindu or vegan. They just serve the best Sacred Cow. If you feel like pasta, feel free to stop by Pizza Volante. Remember the moss-like pesto pizza! And if you're dying to max the credit card and schmooze with the culturati, there's always the Cafe by the Ruins.

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