Monday, October 20, 2003


Honey called up, and told me why she could not be found and why the sched was shot to hell. As expected, all is forgiven. I'm just glad she's okay. I'm in Baguio now, at some Internet cafe --naturally deprived of coffee-- surfing, while she finishes polishing draft 1 of the survey/interview schedule we mean to administer tomorrow.

I keep harboring this silly notion that I will run into my friend Sammy. Baguio is small, but it's still too big for one to find another on near-zero information. Sammy, Sammy! I'm knocking about on your turf!

You Can Find Me On Google Now

And it's unnerving. Still it's only to be expected, as search engine bots are out there, busily doing what they were designed to do-- ferret out bits of information that engines can refer to later. I keep expecting to find my liver on sale at Amazon or EBay. Sheesh.

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