Sunday, November 09, 2003

Dear Leng

A million years ago (this was 1988) while I was a geeky kid hooked on Robotech, I met Honey. But she wasn't Honey then, she was alternately "Dana Sterling" or "Rook Bartley." We did not work out back then, me (alternately "Zor Prime" and "Rand") being too focused on establishing a domicile for Honey's liking. I grieved and I moped for over a year before I met a new girl, who I will just refer to as "Leng." Coming as she did at a crucially low time of my life, I was hit by the Florence Nightingale bug and fell very hard for her.

Trivia: we didn't work out either.

Simply put, today is Leng's birthday. With this entry I gratefully acknowledge the lessons she taught me, as well as the changes her coming into my life forced me to undergo.

Happy Birthday, Leng. I hope you have a happy life.

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