Thursday, November 20, 2003

Dex Words for the Week

Comics n. a series of words and static pictorial images juxtaposed in sequential order, usually for the purpose of telling a story; n. also, when you think about it, a very fast movie
Culture -n. a people's way of life, including "material culture" --e.g. tools and decorative items
Crash -n., v. collision; n. the sound of such a collision

Club -n. a really big stick to beat people with; n. a clique, or exclusive group
Staff- n. a long rod or walking stick; n. in music, a notational matrix made to facilitate the transmission of musical data; n. a group of support people

Elmer -n. somene who does trees, particularly elms
Ilog -n. (Filipino/Tagalog) a river, notably the Pasig
James -n. (pl.) more than one Jim
Jon - n. a Jhon who was blessed to have parents who don't screw with their kids' names
Mark -n. a cut, puncture, stain, print or rubbing, usually associated with a significant meaning; v. to make such a cut, puncture, stain, print or rubbing

Culture Crash Comics- n. landmark cutting-edge Filipino comics anthology partially responsible for the post 1990's comic boom; n. also my old place of work
Culture Club n. short-lived 80's band that propelled singer Boy George to fame and a place in gay iconology; n. also, the proposed name for a CCCom fanclub (we used to joke about this over dinner) [error pointed out by Nelz. Thanks!]

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