Monday, November 03, 2003

I'm lifting a Marco Dimaano review wholesale here. Under it, I'm affixing my reaction.

"The Scariest Thing I've Seen So Far...

"Atlas Publications' CHARM. Simply the most hideous excuse for a local comic yet released. It's so bad, it's not even funny. It's SAD.

"Usually when we see a new comic, we are giddy as schoolkids. Yep, we laugh at any mistakes and unintentional funnies, but in the end we give what is due, and if the art and story are cool, we'll support it to no end. I'd want a copy to add to my library of local comic releases.

"But CHARM...

"My gosh, I won't even give it the dignity of being called CRAP.

"I don't even want to keep a copy, even for posterity. I don't want it in my room.

"This is base, tasteless, utterly grotesque and putrid garbage, and it makes it all the more horrid that it comes from Atlas (but then, I expect little from these people, despite ATX being a respectable release).

"Why do I say this?

"CHARM is a WITCH rip-off. Blatant rip-off. You have a team of witch girls with various powers. The art style is obviously copying the Witch style. Just take away ANY sense of personality, style or charisma. Just take carbon paper, give to a talentless hack and there you have it. The designs are a disturbing combination of pa-sexy anime and the Witch style.

"Now, if CHARM was just copying the Witch style, it wouldn't warrant this outburst from me.

"But the thing is, there's more.

"The writing, the very concept of the story, is tasteless and OBSCENE. The very origin of the girls, and the way it is treated and revealed, is sick and I really am amazed that any sane publisher or editor would even consider this for Young Girls.

"Details? Well, suffice to say it involves women being IMPREGNATED by severed fingerss and then being burst open, dissolves, eaten by ants, etc. Add to this TOTALLY EMOTIONLESS and ridiculous writing and NO COMMAND WHATSOEVER OF ENGLISH GRAMMAR SKILLS just adds to simply what I see as the most loathsome local release I've seen yet. This is a bloody, stinking smear on the medium.


"If I met the artist and writer, I would tell them to their face their work is an INSULT to the medium and I am amazed they let their names be credited in this trash. Whoever okayed this for publication should be FIRED. If I am given a copy of this book, I'd use it to wipe DOG SHIT off the ground.

"Want to see it for yourself? Get ready for a laugh and then the urge to bathe later.



I saw it too. I've always maintained that if one allowed greed to primarily motivate the creation of a book-- and that's how it looked from where I stood reading the thing-- the end-product would be, er, pulp. Not too much offense meant to the artists who had to draw this stuff; management (ever on the hunt for profit) probably gave them very little leeway in creativity.

I remeber my first aborted stint in a WWF-inspired series. (I was neither Evil nor Dhex back then) I could not, for the life of me, churn out a credible story starring, of all things, a Bret Hart clone. The job went to someone else, naturally (ergo the birth of SHADEZ). I wound up collaborating on with a friend on, well, a Yokozuna clone. We'd like to think we at least wrote him decently. But then, someone's bound to contest that.

Evil Dex

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