Monday, November 03, 2003

Little Goals

As soon as I can financially walk again, I'm reviving my moribund bank account before it joins my six previous dead bank accounts. I am buying a new computer with what my friends and Honey call "The Works." I'll then pay for decent webspace so I can put up lewd pictures and anything else I might want. I will glorify my personal fame whore while cavorting in the nude with my "geisha." I will make mad love to my muse and pay obeisance to my Christian Deity for allowing me a little taste of the prosperity he is alleged to shower upon his faithful (non-Catholic) flock.

A year from that date, I will move out of my house, to quiet the spirits that bedevil my Dad, my Mom and Me. In two years I will have quit my day job to get another that's not as stressful. In two more years I will have begun paying (or at least filling the bank account) for my new house. All the while I shall grow as a visual artist and writer into a Power Unto Myself.

This is wishful thinking right now, but my heart, my loins and my belly burns for this nevertheless. Please wish me well on another new journey.

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