Sunday, November 16, 2003

Sir, the Magazine's Free. And This'll Only Take a Second of Yer Time

Pacquiao Bests Mexican Champ--'nuff said. Congrats, Manny! Heil der Fatherland!

I See Dead People-- seen Kill Bill vol. 1., finally. It's everything they say it is. Hot damn! Though I do find the deadly-maniacal-warrior-in-a-school-uniform schtick, well, old (sorry, Marco!). This is my anime burnout speaking, and I've good reason to feel real burnt out.

Cry "Uncle!"-- Dad's big bro planed in from the 'States. He's an omen. I will have more relatives planing in than I can shake a stick at, come December. It galls that he arrived and I didn't know.

Scarce -- as in "make myself--" I've been feeling antisocial for the last three weeks. There's a reason but I feel that I can't talk about it until the issues I'm dealing with are resolved. When are these issues going to be resolved? why do I seem to have so many? I promise I'll keep you posted. The subscription is free.

I found this at It ain't mine and I don't mean to gain anything by putting it up here. But do check it out if you feel any genuine or perverse interest in Kill Bill's Ms. Kuriyama.

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