Thursday, November 20, 2003

There's Something About Mary

I miss the nineteen eighties. No, I don't miss my being an undernourished scrawny kid who was picked on by jerks. I don't miss the lovely rule of Andy Lipin and Meldy, nor the bumbling of the then-newly formed Presidential Commission on Good Government or Cory's own Kamaganak Inc.. At least I was innocent then of the pompadoured evil that would be Erap. But I miss the music and the musical experimentation, the attention people actually paid to writing the lyrics of the songs.

Case in point, the lyrics to Mary's Prayer.

While they can get clumsy and remind one of struggling high school poetry--

"If you want the fruit to fall/ you have to give the tree a shake"
"And if you shake the tree too hard/ the bough is gonna break" (huh!?)

The rest of the song strikes a chord on several levels as these excerpts will show--

"I used to be so careless / as if I couldn't care less
Did I have to make mistakes/ when I was Mary's prayer?
Suddenly the heavens roared/ suddenly the rain came down
Suddenly was washed away/ the Mary that I knew"

"Blessed is the one who shares/ the power of your beauty Mary
Blessed is the millionaire/ who shares your wedding day
So when you find somebody you can keep/ think of me and celebrate
I made such a big mistake/ when I was Mary's prayer"

"So if I say 'Save me!', save me /Be the light in my eyes
And if I say ten Hail Marys/ leave the light on in heaven for me"

"Save me, save me /Be the light in my eyes
What I wouldn't give to be/ when I was Mary's prayer"

This guy (Danny Wilson) loved and worshipped his Mary. He wrote something moving and he wasn't even Sting or the duo of Everything But the Girl!

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