Monday, November 24, 2003

Words for the Week
Our theme this week is call center, so I'm gonna pull some terms from the (company I will not name) lexicon. Other call centers may share most of these terms.

calibration -n. regularly scheduled process by which QA members induce similarity. [What sounds good to QA Nelson may not sound good to QA Marco and QA Carl. It is their task to set a standard of "what sounds good" via discussion and consensus. In this way, QA ensures fair judgement regardless of which QA member gets on your case.]

complete -v. the act of making a sale; n. a closed (or completed) sale [Call center agents usually work with scripts. These scripts serve, as per QA approval, to facilitate the sales process with minimum fuss. A script is considered completed if a sale is made. You need a set number of completes to meet quota]

foosball -n. "tabletop football" [I believe this term is unique to (call center I will not name). The term is probably derived from an Adam Sandler movie.]

gatekeeper -n. in the scripts, he's the guy who answers the phone

QA -n. "Quality Assurance" [This department is concerned with the quality of the calls made and received by call center agents. It polices the phone lines, making sure that call center agents don't cuss or make personal outgoing calls. QA also takes upon itself a developmental role, when it monitors your calls and points out areas of improvement, whether it be accent, tone, speed, etc.]

quality -n. It's the measure of being able to get things done right the first time, every time. [QA takes this very seriously. As should everybody else, wherever he or she works.]

the floor -n. the usually enclosed, carpeted and restricted space in a call center containing all the paraphernalia of the modern vampire-- er, call center agent (e.g. computers and phones). [This is where the action is-- people sucker customers, meet and exceed quota, keep or lose their jobs here.]

TL -n. "Team Leader." [Call center agents are grouped into teams. The Team Leader's job is to make sure nobody on his team lags in the quantity and quality of the calls made.]

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