Monday, December 15, 2003

Bodega Bits

Dean Jorge Tylenol
He must've read my blog. Or someone must've pointed out his prior inability to get his point across to us dumb readers. I read his column today and I understood every word. Amazing!

They Got Saddam!
And about time too. This is not to say I am changing my stand about the war. I still think it was wrong. But if some good is ever going to be salvaged from this iniquity, it's partly in catching Saddam and putting him away for good. Yes, Dubya, you can crow now. But you still gotta fix Iraq. If only for the sake of the Iraqi people, I wish you the best of luck.

Head Hunt-- er, Head Count
I'd like to know just how many people are reading this. If you guys don't mind, couldja please click on the "comments" link below this post, and type yer first name in the popup dialog box? I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks.

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