Monday, December 08, 2003

Dean Jorge Headache

There is always the columnist you love to hate. A co-trainee, Eric, doesn't like Jessica Zafra because "All she does is complain. But she makes money from it." My Dad doesn't like Rina Jimenez David because he can't "get" Ms David's feminism. My personal self-inflicted torment is reading Dean Jorge Bocobo. Bad enough that I usually don't like his politics. What makes reading him worse is that he forces his readers to kill off more brain cells trying to understand him, that they probably will wind up dumber for it. There's no doubt about the formidable intelligence that swims like a shark beneath his words. What galls is that the damn shark is too busy showing off like it was a dolphin. He writes with an arrogance and a self-importance that makes me wanna throttle him. It's a shame, really, since he does raise points worth pondering-- when he can be understood by minds as miniscule as mine.

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