Thursday, December 25, 2003

Doing a Maurice Arcache or a Dolly Ann Carvajal

I'm gonna try to keep myself from doing a Tim Yap, as I respect the sanctity of Elmer's wedding. I'm halfway there, since I've got no garish pics to display on this site. Suffice it to say that I was happy for the lucky stiff (Memer) and his blushing bride (Baby). I was happy seeing my old Fine Arts gang again; a bit disappointed because we were too many to seat at a single table.

Though running into my old workmates was inevitable, I had come to the church and the reception with my all-important pride tamped down. The wedding, in fact, was the best excuse to put it all aside and just enjoy the company. Y'see, even if the office gang had collectively become a yardstick against which to measure myself, they were always my friends first. I miss them so much, but respect requires so many kinds of abstinence.

I'm too complex for my own good.

What was startling about the reception was how vastly different Baby's and Elmer's respective crowds were. The Fine Arts crowd (Memer's) were cracking jokes every five minutes, and I got the distinct impression that Baby's more muted crowd was looking at us funny. Each group kept its peace, however: there was neither booze nor videoke to trigger the Filipino's native bloodlust.

When the reception ended, I hung out with "Righteous" Karl, Jolyn (Anggun's long lost sister) and "Pogi Boy" Ferlin. We were (with Sammy) part of Memer's non-comics inner circle back when Culture Crash was still called Culture Shock. We joked about having more weddings so we could get together more often. A wedding every month! Ha!

A good day that was. Memer and Baby, I wish you all the best! Be sure to bring the kiddies back for vacation! I still have to teach them the virtues of poker, alcohol and women!

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