Sunday, December 21, 2003


Apparently, Elmer "Memer/IQ40/Hentai Lord ." Damaso is not married yet. He intends to wed his sweetheart a.ka. Baby, a.k.a. "Miaka" at a church somewhere. And all of this happens on Saturday. Today (actually, yesterday, as I'm uploading this on the following Sunday). Heard tell he was trying to find me-- I am reputed to be able to drop out of the social radar net with shocking ease-- as he couldn't be wed without me. (Sheesh! And I thought Baby was the bride.)

I didn't spend too much time (all of ten seconds!) struggling with my pride. Elmer has been a steadfast friend since we got to know each other in '95. Ergo, I'm going to the wedding. Added incentives-- some of the old gang is bound to be there. Like "Pogi Pie" Ferlin and the righteous Karl. I wonder if any more ghosts from my Fine Arts past will arrive to haunt the church... but that's just wishful thinking.


Once upon a time (1993?) in Los Banos, I was at the wedding of two friends of mine. They'd been seeing each other for some time, and as was expected even in those days, they regularly consummated their marriage even before it was held. Not that it's too bad a thing. I'm a believer in "sex because you love," but (call me a prude) I don't like the idea of playing with fire too much, too soon.

The girl, who I will hide behind the name, "Vi," documented her life, as I do, in a primitive blog-- a journal, for those readers who don't remember how to write in longhand. As expected, her mother found the book, and found it a real page-turner. She couldn't put it down. When she finally did, the Catholic reflexes kicked in, and she promptly demanded that the guy, who I will name "Ralph," marry her daughter. Which he did.

The couple sought me out, and found me (as always) through a messenger who knew my haunts when I was feeling antisocial. That's the trouble with living on University grounds in Los Banos-- everybody eventually gets to know everybody else. They made me best man.

I was reluctant at first, as there had been something between 'Vi and me before she started dating 'Ralph. But as I stood there, in the church, next to the couple, watching the fop sweat forming on the priest's brow-- he knew it was a shotgun wedding-- I couldn't help but think that I was where I was s'posed to be. So what if they had the odds stacked against them? So what if both sets of parents view the marriage as a convenient way out of social opprobrium? You go, girl! You go, guy! Stick it to universe-parsing society!

I've always been a fan of weddings, adventure and young love (and by "young" I do not mean "foolish") defying statistics.

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