Monday, December 08, 2003


I haven't done a blasted thing worth doing today. My cleaning of the PC and keyboard do not count, because I did it to ease my very guilty conscience.

I coulda painted today. I coulda followed up on that refund we were s'posed to be due from a certain household fixture place. I coulda spent the last coupla days outside excercising, but I hadda stay home and indulge in my sacred vice-- a long addictive computer strategy game. I swear, it's probably why I couldn't come up with quality schoolwork at quality speeds at certain critical and non-critical times. The old bromide about idle hands must be true. I'm not knocking the impulse to play here. It's essential despite all the declarations by the erudite to the contrary. Creatives couldn't function without it. But this is the yardstick-- how much, how badly does play interfere with your obligations to yourself and the rest of society. I believe I need a little rehab right now.

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