Sunday, December 21, 2003

Sison's Greetings

Let me wish those of you who believe in the sentiment, a merry Christmas.

I probably won't get the chance to do this come the 25th. Ditto for the days following that. These will be filled with the frayed nerves and stresses that come with housing, feeding, entertaining relatives and friends from the 'States.

My Minnesota-based aunt will be celebrating her silver wedding anniversary (she's married to a really wonderful guy), in a small but growing community in Batangas. ("Rural" is apparently the best way to describe the Filipino-- even those of us who are city-bred; even those of us who are based in the 'States.) She's naturally invited her friends as well as the other Minnesota-based members of Clan Lira to partake of the fun. And most of them will be planing in from the 25th all the way to New Year's Day...

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