Sunday, January 11, 2004

Bodega Bits

Goodbye to Family
The wedding anniversary party was a success. My aunt's evangelization efforts paid off, thanks be to God (mandatory to say that). My uncle, aunt and cousins have left for the 'States, carrying extra baggage-- pictures, videos, an Otso-Otso CD and great memories.

They'll be back in a few years.

Missed It
Last night I swung by the Music Museum in Greenhills to see Daydream Cycle perform. Those who know me will remember that DDC is one of two bands that I'm "chummy" with; the other's Ian's Where's Joe? I'd promised Bonsai (DDC's official fan support, and a poet friend of mine) that I'd finally make it to one of their playing venues.

Well, Ian need not feel bad about my going to a DDC gig before seeing his band play. The score is still tied at one gig attended per band. Y'see, Bonsai said 9pm, so I arrived at 8. Turns out DDC wound up playing sometime after 6. I'm not ticked off at Bonsai though. She's very busy and gigs do get crazy, schedule-wise.

There is always the next gig.

Medical Minutes
Done with most of my PHILPOST-mandated medical tests. Here's to hoping that they'll still wanna let me in.

Quality Time
The other night I was with Honey. We met at a Jollibee branch after working hours. From there we were to hop to the nearest moviehouse to watch--what else?-- The Return of the King. We did not expect a deluge of fans so numerous that tickets to the last full show were sold out. We vowed to try again after a couple of days; wait for the crowds to thin.

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