Monday, January 05, 2004

Fiendster (that's no typo)

Stopped by "daddy" Nhel's place last night to personally wish him a happy new year. Lo and behold, instead of net surfing for porn (no, he's not that kind of guy) he's... checking out his messages in... in friendster.

Friendster is an online community of people linked via the world wide web. Its purpose is to link networks of friends (set A) to other networks of friends (set B through N) through the common friends that exist within the aforementioned sets of friends (the intersections of sets A, B through N). The purpose of all that linkage? I see the possibilities, but my reading of the local Filipino makes me wonder if these friendster members themselves can perceive them, if not make proper use of the service.

That said, I swear, it's probably the new index of, er, "cool": since everybody and his brother is in it. It's also, according to a friend, a barometer for pathos. On the one hand, we humans have a need to know just how many people we know, who they are and who they know: Useful data for politicians and optimists who insist on a new acquaintance as a new opportunity (for what, I wonder?). One may also look at the other side of the coin-- if you're in friendster, then you've gotta be desperate for attention. You are dyolog.

Ironically, I can't be riding the moral high horse on this issue. After all, I may be an attention-starved loser with much to say about so little of importance. Y'see, I've got a blog. That must mean I'm a dyolog myself. You are what you hate, it seems.

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