Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Refrigerator Moments

Some friends of mine will no doubt be peeved at how much Lilith still permeates the brick and plaster of Dexter's internal universe. Well, it's a fact I have to live with. I take the good with the bad, however: Lilith's most important contribution to my personal growth was to loose my tongue and unsheath my pen. (Yeah, keep those minds in the gutter, folks. Mine's always been In The Bathroom.)

What few people know is that Lilith also added a few meaning-laden terms to my store of words, most notably "warm toast" (associated images and meanings are not germane to this entry) and "refrigerator moments."

Refrigerator moments are units of time, in which you-- standing before your refrigerator after coming home from the movies-- get a flash of insight re: most recently consumed photoplay. It doesn't matter what that epiphany revealed, only that it came.

"Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings) is so dyolog! He's carrying a Nokia phone in his walking stick. (That mean I should tie my 3530 to my fighting cane too?)"

"Those idiot language coaches (The Lord of the Rings) didn't do their jobs! It's pronounced 'ISSengard' not 'EYES-en garde'! Sheesh!"

"Why is everybody and his brother in Kill Bill's Japan lugging a sword? Where are the police How'd Uma Thurman get that thing past customs?"

Returning from my own foray into the movies, it's dawned on me that The Last Samurai's Ken Watanabe's other name is Carl Vergara.

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