Monday, February 16, 2004

To-Do List

I'm afraid I might not be able to practice any decent form of Tai Chi. I've found that I cannot put my whole weight-- which has grown considerably-- on either knee. I hope the situation is temporary.

Apologies are in order to the people whose websites and blogs I did not access or properly read over the past three weeks. I'm feeling veeeery ragged. I promise I'll keep up with you before the month is out.

Haveta finish the articles lined up for the blog. What's waiting to be done? There's the last part of English, which has been on hold thanks to "a lot of stuff." Then there's the next installment of Journal of a Dead Man: I left a sated vampire with a kid to care for just as dawn was breaking-- surely there is more that has to be told!

I'll be trekking to San Pablo, Laguna on the morrow, to fix a problem with my social security number. Why? is the subject of a future entry. Mayhaps I'll have time and cash to stop by Los Banos to look up Lord-of-the-Undead-in-training, Homer; give Kervin and Daddy Nhel a hug.

Then it's another stop at the UP College of Fine Arts sometime this week. Loose ends. Then... to PAGCOR for the submission of the final pre-employment requirements. Or I could always go back to a call center...

Somehow, I have to sandwich a delayed painting-for-pay project in between all of this.

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