Monday, March 29, 2004

I Just Had to Put This Here...

Carver Carl, in a recent blog entry, enjoins his readers to take a good look at blogging behavior. I'm enjoining you, Gentle Reader, to give his site and article a look-through. He asked for responses: here's mine.

I wrote about this very thing in a few early blog entries. Courts could in theory use what we say against us. Hence my disclaimers... but that really ain't no defense, isn't it? The evil marketing man, ever on the lookout for what makes us tick, will no doubt be using this technology soon-- if not already. And speaking of already: people are looking into corelating images and other sensory input to our brains' pleasure centers all in the name of the great god profit.

I am smugly shocked to find out that HR people have bothered to look up applicants on Google. Good for me, the principle can work both ways. You can Big Brother Evil Dex, but he sure can Big Brother you.

Bloggers should practice a moderate form of censorship-- one that recognizes human decency. That done, he should, like Dean says, entertain with-- and be entertained by-- the contents of his Journal. So the whole world is reading? Write anyway. At best, they'll hang onto every word like the fans we want them to be. At worst they're often too interested in the crap that happens in their own lives to look at yours too closely... unless they're stalkers, cops, lawyers, or yes, HR people.

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