Wednesday, March 24, 2004


Everything I'm doing takes too long here. While I feel that I have accomplished something worth noting-- calling cards, wobblers for Nestle, labels upon labels for that dratted Rugby account--- my little victories have been less than complete. What I've doen was done too slowly, too sloppily, too wrongheaded.

Right now, I've had bosses too concerned with speed breathing down my neck because I wasn't working fast enough. I can't completely blame them. But surely they have to know, on some level, that the errors they want to prevent are the same errors they will run into later. A tired artist on a bad day is more prone to overlooking typos, mismatched colors, missing linked files, the whole caboodle. I feel the breathing spaces I've earned, especially on the Rugby account are to be paid for later with anger, disappointment, more blood and sleep lost.

I've started to keep a worklog. Something for me to do during my downtime. A way to keep track of which files go where. A way of accounting. A way to tell myself or at least determine if I've done my best for the day.

I feel happy that I actually get to use a timecard. While I hate bundy clocks in principle, my being issued one signals a form of acceptance (or an attempt at one) by the so-called "real world." It's what I've really wanted-- a little respect. Honey advises I stay on for about a year. I feel I don't have that kind of time.


Going into overtime today. I'm currently working on stickers for the Medical Center Trading Corp. account-- the people responsible for distributing those nebulizers that have come to be a big part of my grandmammy's recent life. The file I'm looking for is a CorelDraw 11 document buried somewhere in my workmate's hard drive and in one defective backup cd. Software application, operating system and local area network compatibility problems prevent me from just peeping into his computer and taking what I need. I will have to wait until my workmate relinquishes his workstation at 5pm today. He won't be able to do so until then, as his assigned work is just as important to the company as mine. Meantime, I'm trying to rebuild the missing file from scratch-- I can't work on the overdue RUGBY label on the G4 anyway, until my boss or my coworker leave their posts for home.

I don't want all that work following me all the way to Monday.I want to spend Sunday updating the blog and setting up my website.


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