Friday, March 12, 2004


New Look.
Just finished reformatting the blog. Hope the readers like it, though I find that the lower portions are not that easy on the eye. But that's for later. I feel accomplished, having tweaked the blog template enough to make it behave in almost all ways the way I want it to. I'll return to the drawing board soon enough.

Good Lord, it's almost 3:00 a.m.

I managed to send my latest writeup to my publicist client. I hope more fervently than in my previous works, that he finds it worthy of pitching to the broadsheets. I want to earn my keep as well as increase the respect my client has for me-- if I play my cards right, my income could increase by good-sized increments. The value of neworks and prestige.

I am also loath to disappoint my interviewee. And his wife. A wonderful woman-- wonderful mainly because she's got everything she could want and is therefore beyond nagging complaining-- who treated me kindly. Hubby hawks makeup and nail polish, folks. That much I knew from the email briefing. But just how the heck was I s'posed to know that this guy was also president of the bleeding PBL? Fingers crossed, hoping for the best.

Liberation from Bingo
With my moving in with Honey, I effectively liberated myself from Mom and Pop. It's been scary and stressful (I do most of the housework). And it hasn't been cheap. The upshot is that I am free of Bingo. Mom and Pop and Auntie Glo are having a seizure, but...

Nevertheless I still have problems with poverty. I am currently looking for a writing/layout job to augment my income as a writer for one very hardworking publicist. Wish me luck.

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