Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Update: The Eternal Jobhunt

Applied for work yesterday at a production house located smack dab in my old school haunts. Was upset with myself for showing up at around 4:00 pm despite my preparations. I was interviewed by a crusty Fil-Chinese named Bernie, who praised my university pedigree while lambasting the production people at McCann-Erickson for what Bernie refers to as their "shoddy work."

Am thinking I should have heeded the alarm bells ringing in my head (the coincidental delays, stress-related minor accidents, etc.) and called this off. But I am nothing if not determined to climb out of my rut and give Honey more reasons to stay with me.

Bernie tells me to show up the following day for "testing" at 8:00 a sharp.


...arrives and I'm helping Honey prep for her trip to the 'States by hauling her luggage to the car. Before that, I was found fussing, like a woman, in front of a mirrior and coat hanger.

"It's a damn printing press!!! I don't need to look so snazzy!"
"It's a production house. That deals with print. I at least have to look sharp!"
"Gotta change the black slacks, they are so Jollibee!"
"Screw the brown slacks, they'll be ink-stained by the time I get back!"

Going Blind on the PC

The irony of an illustrator who is inept at Illustrator is not lost on me. I feel it with every mouse click threatening to send me this much closer to carpal tunnel calvary. As my new workplace makes near-exclusive use of vector output imaging software, I was forced to eschew the use of my beloved Photoshop and try my shaking hand at Illustrator 10. And its frustrating competitors.

We were working on the Nestea account. Believe you me, I had long stopped drooling over the swimsuit-clad model on the promotional material. I was far too busy trying to whip up vector-based graphic objects and trying to make them behave. Yes, folks. This was "the Test." I'd had little sleep; been working on the Nestea girl since 8:30 in the morning. It was noon and I was far from done. And more work was on the way. I had begun the climb to calvary.

The beauty in all of this is that I have managed to learn more Illustrator in one day than I did picking at it on and off for a year. And they did ask me to come back on Monday. Which is a good thing. It I think. If I were to stay here, I'm sure to learn more tricks of the trade. I'm just concerned that I may not be able to work for my bosses here at the pace they may want or need. Anyway I still have other avenues of employment-seeking if this deal turns to sh!t.

Deep breath, Dex-- and into the breach!

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