Saturday, April 03, 2004

Words for the Week

cop out (v.)
1. to choose not to do something, as out of fear of failing

exigency (n. -often used in the plural.)
1. the state or quality of requiring much effort or immediate action;
2. a pressing or urgent situation;
3. urgent requirements; pressing needs.


This is my last excuse regarding the much-delayed third part of my Words for the Week Special on English. The exigencies of my self-guided study of English and the nature of my Eternal Jobhunt have put English in the backburner, and rightly so: Dex cannot blog if he has no money.

The second part of English was sloppily done. There was so much more to say about the evolution of the language but the search for a "stable job" --in the days of PHILPOST and PAGCOR-- hamstrung my research and my writing. I wound up typing with semi-arthritic fingers (okay, they felt semi-arthritic at the time) from midnight to five in the morning. While I can say that the written piece is good enough for a personal blog, I can't say for certain it would have impressed any of my more trying teachers. I am not going to put out sloppily done stuff like that again. And so, the longer wait.

Well, now I finally have the time to get down and finish this. I want to be able to put in another installment of Words for the Week without feeling guilty. Check back with me after five or so posts...

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